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Isaac and Miria
CONTACT INFORMATION [plurk.com profile] Nerdman42
CHARACTER NAME Isaac Dian and Miria Havent (originaloddcouple, Baccano)
Age Late 20sGuessed or otherwise
Gem Carnelian and Topaz
Permissions I GUESS you could flirt but it wouldn't be affective in any capacity. No kissing, no sex stuff. Violence with permission.
NOTES For the record, this is a kind of sort of CRAU. In basics, they're reincarnated versions of the original Isaac and Miria and fought aliens. It was fun.
☆ Fusion
☆ Fireworks creation

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Names: Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent
Servant: Sun Wukong - Lancer
Ages: 26 and 25
Genders: Male and female
Birthdays: September 13 and April 4
Heights: 5'6 and 5'2


Isaac Dian was a normal kid from a lower to middle class lifestyle. His parents were generally dismissive and absent in his life. He took to learning various tricks and creating strange plans with his school friends. He played pranks, organized small heists from classrooms and candy shops, and generally earned the love of his peers. As time passed though, he set his goals higher. He wanted to be known throughout the world as a fearsome thief! So around the ripe old age of 16, he ran away from home. A few heists gone wrong later, Isaac was picked up by a city gang and welcomed into their group. He found the experience educational, but ridiculously boring. He spent a good year there before skipping town. The gang members were an audience for his schemes, but they weren't as receptive as he had hoped for. He decided to rob some rich place blind as another attempt to go into the world on his own. If it didn't work out, well, maybe it would be time to look into some other options.

Meanwhile, Miria Harvent's parents were far more active in her life, for all the wrong reasons. As a member of the magical community, and the Harvent family's sole heir (excluding a few cousins), Miria's life was planned out from the moment she was born. The Harvents weren't that old a family, but they desperately wanted a leg up in the world of magic. Every waking moment was spent in preparation for Miria's entry in the Holy Grail War. Verbal and physical abuse awaited her if she didn't do what she was told. There was no time for friends or free time. There was only preparing for the games ahead. Having not known anything else, Miria assumed this was just the way things are. There was nothing else in life for her.

And then Isaac Dian broke into her home in the middle of the night. One found an audience that would be fascinated with practically anything he did, the other found an escape into a world much larger then she expected. And with that, Isaac and Miria became an unstoppable duo. Miria learned a crapton of things about the world she didn't know before, and Isaac had a companion to help him truly keep himself (and said companion) happy. In no time at all, neither could imagine ever being separate from the other.

And now we get into stuff that's only slightly an AU: STUPID HEISTS. Every other day, the Dians planned their next big scheme that would (hopefully) land them on the front page news across the nation. Steal candy from a candy store! Take the sign from a Target! Pry the door of a museum off its hinges and take off with it! (Painkillers for Miria's crest.) Dozens upon dozens of heists piled up over the years as they journeyed across the country. Such is the sweet life.

Before destiny decided the duo are going to get involved in this war whether they liked it or not, since their latest heist just so happened to involve a certain artifact...
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Therapist Meme: Saki Mikajima
Magical Mishap Meme: Mikado Ryuugamine
Picture Meme: Finn the Human
Meet and Greet Meme: Veronica Madaraki
Random Scenario Meme: Kyoko and Czeslaw
The Birds and the Bees Meme: Nano Shinonome
Ball Pit Meme: Yotsuba Koiwai
Tickle Meme: Nano Shinonome

Taste of What You Could Never Have
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Isaac and Miria
The Dians @ Save The Earth
Antiquer extraordinaire. Masquerading thieves. Eccentric dummies.

Following Good buddies all around
Jacuzzi Splot @gunhearted
Reincarnated buddy. Pretty shy, but overall a nice guy. Shot up 18 speakeasies in one night. But he is nice though! Living with us.
Rakka @charcoalfeather
She’s an angel. Literally. She’s got wings, a halo, the whole she-bang. Really really nice. Living with us.
Ray Zimmerman @synonymouswithdookie
Buddy. Works at coffee shop. Smokes. Forced to report things to cops, but he’s on our side. Has a boyfriend we NEED to meet. Growing antennas.
Arthur Curry @italktofish
OUTRAGEOUS GUY! One of the friendliest, strongest, kindest people on the network. Probably one of our best friends. Has a song of heroism. Know about healing.
Cinderella @destinedforrock
Talking horse turned unicorn. Incredibly kind and considerate. Probably the best unicorn in the world, bar none. Best friend.
Danny Fenton @gogoghostpowers
Clumsy teenager. Disaster prone. Better make sure he’s safe from any horrible danger in the future. Know about healing.
Tavia Serket. @drama8om8
Teenage girl. Pretty nice. Minorly arrogant. Gave her some forms to organize her treasure. Married Alan Hunter. Team Immortal (knows about healing).
Alan Hunter @wirsinddiejager
Teenage boy. Pretty nice. Shouts a lot. Not as much as Karson did, but a lot. Married Tavia Serket.
Suzaku Kururugi @elude
Awesome guy. Really strong and determined.
Kanti @vetala
Really friendly girl. Eats ice cream with us. Fights with a chainsaw. Kinda spooky at that part, but otherwise a good friend.
Harper Sutherland @duette
Member of Team Apocalypse. That is, help her fight zombies if they show up. Overall, nice friendly girl.
Luci Edwards @ladyofluminosity
Energetic, polite college girl. Stops by shop a lot. Lost number status but reappeared. Best buddy. Knows about healing.
Sophie @metalbent
Nice enough. Nicknamed us Bert and Ernie. Not sure which is which. Blind. Can see with neat ground feet powers.
Raye @guitar_case_vagabond
Pretty cool, if a little rude sometimes. Fights in a pretty revealing outfit. Best not say anything about it. Besides, she has the right to wear what she wants. Knows about healing.
Wheatley @epimethean
British. Really smart. Won’t unlock true british potential. Pretty good buddy though. Knows about healing.
Ben @cursedtolive
Adorable kid. Reincarnation buddy. Miria saw past-him die. But! He can heal too! Team Immortal, and knows about healing.
Kara @chernobolt
Mutual friend of Jacuzzi and each other! From another country. Super awesome.

Following Those who forgot
Vanessa Carter @doomedtheworld
First network person we met. Best friend. Really nice. Vanished one day. Don’t know where she lived and can’t contact her. Hope she’s doing okay. We carry pewter around, just in case.
Karson @enrages
Yells. A lot. Better not upset him. Get him food. We'll miss you buddy.
Regina Young @selfabsorbed
Teenage girl. Really fun and energetic. Forgot everything really quickly. Didn’t know who we were when we tried texting her. Doesn’t respond anymore.
Ez @indy_wannabe
Stopped by shop a whole bunch. Still does, but doesn’t remember network. Sometimes we wonder if he has classes he should be getting to.
Becky Samson @username
Teacher. One of the first people we met. Moved.
Yuki Nagato @undermebius
Shy girl. Never met in person. She really liked books and recommended a few. We’ll get around to reading them when we can.

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Threadjacking: Never a problem as far as I'm concerned. Jump right in!

Backtagging: I love to! Sometimes I forget though, and I apologize for that.


Injuries: Oh sure. It WON'T DO A DAMN THING. But give it a shot.


Kisses: Both would probably assume it's platonic. They only really have eyes for each other~

More~?: AHAHHAHAHA no. That's a big no.

Flirtation: Neither will know what you're saying. At all.

Fourth Walling: Same as above. They... really aren't gonna be able to grasp what you're saying. The closest they'll come is "OH, WE'VE BECOME FAMOUS MIRIA!" "THAT'S INCREDIBLE ISAAC!"
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Something Old Antiques phone (Old-style phone) Dians Mobile Phone

"Hello! This is the residence of Something Old Antiques, as well as Isaac and Miria Dian! We can't reach the phone right now because of all sorts of complicated reasons! If you're contacting us for personal reasons, professional reasons, and/or questions about that thing in the center of the store, please leave a message! Preferably after the beep."

[Also contactable by network number and cell phones.]
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Any problems with my Isaac and Miria? Any concerns, complaints, thoughts? I strive to improve, so don't feel shy to tell me if I'm doing something wrong!

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